Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Very Kind Fella

I would like to thank the very kind fella that lives near us.  HE knows who I am talking and I know who he is.  HE keeps calling the cops and crying about us parking our lively hood in front of our house that we own. 
 Just remember who brings you and your family every single thing you use everyday, yup the truck drivers (uhh ummm, NO STEERING WHEEL HOLDERS HERE) you keep calling the cops on. 
You see Mister Nice Guy we had a long day yesterday and ran out of hours. Not that you would know anything about that (UHH UMMM SWH) with your head buried in a snow bank and all. So we parked in front of our house knowing it would only be there for a few hours because we had to leave in the morning to deliver our goods. You know the everyday items you use. You know the food you eat. The buttwipe you use. I bet you called the police as the truck was leaving the curb. I hope this gets back to you, as I know it will since you live so close to us and all...hint hint 
 So I would like to take the time to Wish You and Your Family A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! One more thing, your an ASSHOLE!
  OH AND A FYI it is NOT  illegal for us to park there. So all you are accomplishing is wasting taxpayers dollars and the policeman's time every single time you call in and they stop in to talk to us about it. Kind of makes you even a bigger asshole now doesn't it??

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