Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Fake. The Poser.

1.) The opposite of real, genuine or proven.
2.) Sometimes applied to people who are accused of being something they are not. See poser.
Someone whos acts like someone they're not, but not realizing that they are being fake, basically a loser trying to fit in.
We all know one or two... They make us mad, with their sweet smiles, and oh so loving attitudes. Well let me describe a person I had the pleasure of knowing and trusting.
It started out innocent enough. She moved into the area and I showed her around, introduced her to my friends.
Things were going great, or so I thought. Stuff just started to get weird...
She said she never would go barefooted because she hated getting her toes dirty. She thought it was so disgusting when I would do it, made fun of me.
She told me she would never smoke pot because it made her so tired, the reason I refuse to smoke. I have nothing against it but boy oh boy she sure did, my friends were scum because they smoked.
She would not ride bikes with us because her friend was killed on one. She thought we were idiots because we ride every waking minute we can.
She hated my friends, I mean Hated them, talked about all of them. Cut them down, spread rumors about them. She even stole money from a couple of them.
We let them move into our house when we left the area, what a huge mistake! Her and her spawn totally trashed our 1915 Victorian home. They refused to pay rent or the utilities, and we as the owners, well it was added onto our taxes, which they were supposed to pay under our agreement we had. We ended up with over $8000.00 in damages and unpaid utility bills.
OK, so we finally kicked them out, the words flew and the hate formed. Here is the end result:
She is a barefooted, bike riding, dope smoking fiend that has twisted words, made up lies and wormed her way into the lives of people she hated and stole from.
Do I have the right to be pissed off? Because by her ring of fake friends I should not be upset or mad. I should have let them stay in our house rent free. I should have let bygones be bygones.
 Now tell me, is this a POSER?

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