Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I remember as a kid getting the treat of a half bottle of soda pop. I would have to share it with my sister but boy it sure was a delicious sweet treat. Today's pop, not so good it has a sickening sweetness to it, almost like a syrup. Same way with fruits and veggies. They tasted like fruits and veggies, not a giant blob of wax as they taste today. I miss the real foods of my childhood. And I miss meat. Yup a big ole hunk of red meat. Ya know the stuff, you throw it on the grill, five minutes on one side and three on the other. You didn't need a knife to cut it, just so tender and juicy. Today's beef you need a chainsaw to cut that shit! Yucky!
Remember the old Where's the Beef commercial? I do! I remember when we would go to McDonald's or Burger King for a treat. They actually had all beef parties. Non of this pink slime crap. Non of this 85% filler stuff. It was meat, real meat. Made with buns that had real flour in them! Oh kids today have no idea!

Then it seemed like almost over night these little bitty stores started pippin up all over the place. At first they where kind of cool. Their motto was 100% American made... then it changed and the world changed.... Walmart took over.
I remember going school clothes shopping, not because our clothes had worn out or ripped out from washing. Not from the buttons falling off or because the elastic shredded apart. Not because the cheap material pilled up from a single washing as it does today  but ... wait for it, because we out grew it!  Same way with appliances. My dad bought one of the first microwave ovens, he had that darn thing for over twenty years. And yes it worked fine all those years. Today what maybe three years and then you need to buy new?! Ten for major appliances. Remember the old small appliance repair stores? Instead of buying a hunk of new junk you would take your well made item to be repaired if needed. That way it would last a lifetime. Well Walmart changed that.
Now lets talk about diaper rash. How to give your child diaper rash. Its easy. Go to Walmart and buy the cheap  disposable diapers. Not pampers the Walmart brand. Change your child's diaper as often as you would with a quality brand. BINGO you now have given your child diaper rash. Now run to Walmart and buy diaper rash ointment and lather the child's ass. Do it well, you don't want the pissy diaper against their skin.
How to prevent diaper rash
Option 1: cloth diapers change often they can sit in the wet for a small time
Option 2: buy a good brand, ie Pampers. Can wear the longest time
Option 3: buy a cheap brand and change the instant they are soiled. You will need three of these to equal one cheapy brand.  So how did you save money?
Now lets talk about garbage.
 Garbage pickup has risen in cities and towns because people have more garbage. Face it, one person can have five bags of crap in a week. And yes I to blame this onto Walmart  You see they sell crap. Almost every day I come across something that needs to be replaced, socks, underwear, toaster, short lived light bulbs, plastic water faucets, very thin paper towels, paper plates so thin you need to use three or four just to hold one piece of lettuce. So in return I  use more of these paper products,  I throw more away,  I have to buy more of these cheap thin. Now where was I? Oh yeah garbage. Do you see where I am going with this? Yup if I would spend the extra dime or quarter, well I would get a better product and my needs would be cut  in half. So in the long run I would save money.

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