Sunday, January 20, 2013

Momento Mori

Life is short, and shortly it will end;
Death comes quickly and respects no one,
Death destroys everything and
takes pity on no one.
To death we are hastening,
let us refrain from sinning.

If you do not turn back and become
like a child,
And change your life for the better,
You will not be able to enter,
blessed, the Kingdom of God. 

These photos served as keepsakes to remember the dead.  It was very common with infants and young children.  Victorian childhood mortality rates were extremely high, and a post-mortem
photograph might have been the only image of the child the family ever had.
They would prop the person up, or hold them up while being covered. 

They would often "paint" eyes to make the person appear alive.

Notice the slight blur ^
 of the living child. This would happen because it took a long time to take the photo. I think it would make the photo have a stark strangeness about it.

I love how they posed this child.

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